Monday, 13 February 2012

Kombiticket CLUBROOM # 2 - Channel Tunnel

'Channel Tunnel'
15 - 20 February 2012

NGBK’s art outreach “club” run by Catriona Shaw in the exhibition space

Last year Kombiticket opened the doors of 'Clubroom', an outreach club that started from scratch using some basic materials, invited guests and NGBK visitors’ input in order to take shape. One year and diverse evolutions later, Clubroom will open it's doors again, offering some fascinating and entertaining insights into outreach tactics, including a retrospective of the Kombiticket program since mid-2010, experimental interactive art created live in an on-site atelier as well as an exciting range of open workshops and presentations by international artists and architects.     

Program day to day - continuous:

Kombicorner - open for gallery visitors to leave behind their own creative ideas for the clubroom as well as contribute to the fanzine
Channel Tunnel “Bau” - an open, on-site studio/workshop by
students of Christian Vialard's class from Villa Arson, Nice  
Kombiticket archive - Documentation of Catriona Shaw's outreach program
Clubroom Extract - An exhibition of 'remnants' of Clubroom #1 from 2011 (Christian Sommer and Catriona Shaw)

Special Events:

Thursday, 16.02. / 10-14:00h
Camouflage workshop with Rhona Byrne and Catriona Shaw and pupils from the Kurt Tucholsky Oberschule, Berlin

‘Lost in space’ Workshop with Rhona Byrne
This workshop involves the design and making of a series of site-specific wearable group costumes made out of found materials. The costumes would camouflage the groups to become invisible observers within the gallery space. This project considers the distracted states of mind of an urban dweller.

Rhona Byrne lives and works in Dublin, Ireland. Site or context is usually the point of departure for her projects. Byrnes practice employs an interdisciplinary approach and often involves collaboration with diverse industries, groups and individuals such as roller coaster enthusiasts, pigeon fanciers, pilots, ecologists and psychologists. Her projects explore the unstable conditions of environment, experience, meaning and emotion, navigating complex layers of physical, mental and social space. Her work manifests in many forms including sculpture, video, photographs, drawings, context specific installations, collaborative event-based projects and books. She graduated from NCAD with a BFA in Sculpture in 1994.

Friday, 17.02. / from 15:00h
Fanzine workshop with Jakob Rudolph

This workshop provides a short and general introduction to the topic and attempts to put together a communal Zine about the Clubroom. Bring scissors and glue! With Jakob Rudolph & Catriona Shaw

In diesem Workshop wollen wir nach einer kurzen, allgemeinen Einführung zum Thema, versuchen, ein gemeinsames Zine über den Clubroom zu basteln. Bringt Schere&Kleber mit! Mit Jakob Rudolph & Catriona Shaw

Saturday 18.02. /  from 15:00h onwards
Land-Institut workshop with Freja Baeckman and Monic Araus

“LAND-INSTITUT - Der Ausstellungsraum als Land”
Der Workshop bringt die Idee vom Land im Galerieraum herein, mit der NGBK als spezifisches Beispiel. In der Workshop wird der Ort untersucht, wie es als ‘Land’ gesehen werden könntet, und was es bedeuten könnte. Durch ein Ortsspezifische Näherung und Erstellung eines Atlas wird die Fragestellung angegangen.

LAND-INSTITUT entstand im Jahr 2010 im Zusammenarbeit von den in Berlin lebenden Künstler_innen und Kunstarbeiter_innen Mónica Araus, Freja Bäckman und Vappu Jalonen.
Die erste Forschungsphase wurde in Berlin gemacht, im Kooperation mit das Finnland Institut, in dem eine Ausstellung zwischen Februar und April 2011 stattfand.

LAND INSTITUTE - The exhibition space as a country
The workshop takes the idea of country into the gallery space, using the NGBK as a specific example. We'll examine the location and how it could be viewed as a country, what it could mean. An atlas will answer the questions using site-specific approximation and production.

LAND INSTITUTE was first realised in 2010 by the Berlin-based artists Mónica Araus, Freja Bäckman and Vappu Jalonen. The first phase took place in Berlin at the Finland Institute at an exhibition there between February and April 2011.

Sunday 19.02. / from 14:00h
Workshop with Christian Sommer and Catriona Shaw
ab 18:00h
Grand opening of the Clubroom and the Channel Tunnel by the students from Villa Arson, Nice

Monday 20.02 / from 12:00h onwards
Closedown - The end credits of the Clubroom, with insights into programs in other institutions and artists

17:00 Skype conference with Katja Sudec (SL)
18:00 Viola Thiele und Irina Novorese - A*Bout (DE/IT)

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