Friday, 17 February 2012

Lost in Space workshop by Rhona Byrne with Kurt Tucholsky Schule, Berlin, 16.02.2012

A reminder about the exceptional and stunningly exciting atelier of the Villa Arson students, workshops and talks that are still going on at THE clubroom in NGBK in the coming days... and don't forget la Grande Vernissage on Sunday evening from 18:00 on!

Kombiticket Clubroom # 2, CHANNEL TUNNEL

NGBK - Oranienstrasse 25, Kreuzberg


Saturday 18.02 (from 3pm)

- The exhibition space as a country
This activity takes the idea of country into the gallery space, using the NGBK as a specific example. We'll examine the location and how it could be viewed as a country and the implications.

LAND INSTITUTE was first realised in 2010 by the Berlin-based artists Mónica Araus, Freja Bäckman and Vappu Jalonen. The first phase took place in Berlin at the Finland Institute at an exhibition there between February and April 2011.


Sunday 19.02

'Ich wunsche mir eine Bana-NE'

Workshop with Christian Sommer und Catriona Shaw
Beschreibungstext...braucht man erstmal nicht

From 18:00 la grande Vernissage/Finnisage of Clubroom, including opening of 'CHANNEL TUNNEL BAU' by the Villa Arson students of Christian Vialard as well as a party to enjoy and dance.


Monday 20.02

Closedown and chats with:

Holly Herndon from
Children's Creativity Museum, San Francisco

Katja Sudec & Galerie Skuc
Presentation of the project:
COoperate - Together in the field of culture

The project promotes an interdisciplinary social approach in the area of culture, which integrates a vulnerable social group – the disabled – and connects the activities of professionals who are working in culture with disabled people.

A*BOUT (Silke Bauer / Irina Novarese / Viola Thiele)
A BOOK ABOUT is a participatory project to create a communal library realised at the 2. Ghetto Biennale, Haiti by 'A*BOUT' group in Grand Rue in Port-au-Prince during November / December 2011.

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