Saturday, 8 January 2011

Clubroom OPENING Tonight! From 5pm onwards

Clubroom opens!

Tonight is the grand opening of the cluroom in progress - there is a myriad of exciting things going on tonight, not to be missed! Here is a taster...

Aside from our fabulous jingles, room decor with dangerous plantlife, abstract doorway and schaufensterpuppe we have:

The wonderful JOKAklubi ladies (Niina Lehtonen Braun, Mirka Raito and Mimosa Pale) contributing with table workshops, candyfloss mountains, spiky aprons and general joy all night long!

At 6:30 Miss le Bomb will host a short quiz in the room, questions and answers solved with the power of TEAMWORK!

At 7:30 we will have the TAGTOOL boyz (Andreas Dzialocha and Roman Hagenbrock) playing music whilst some animator guests virtually scrawling over walls, people, dust on the floor, you name it!

Last but absolutely not least we have POLKKA LOVE MACHINE at 8:30 performing an explosive combination of Finnish Butoh, throat singing and mind-boggling BASS to rumble the clubroom into motion on to it's next destination...

Following this there is open-ended dancing and romancing guaranteed in the clubroom this evening with music, chanting and dynamic energy from the skies.

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  1. Oh la la, it's sounds absolutely great.The other days looks absolutely great. It sounds bam bam the bells and full of "shook-from-the-hat" people.I'm missing it, I'm fuu%%%°°ing missing it and will think of you all tonight.Baci. Paulette, your big fan from Paris.