Tuesday 4 January 2011

Clubroom Day TWO!

 Day two is now officially over. It has been a rather eventful day, a lot more chaos and crazy streaks of imagination have passed across the 'Haltebereich'. Mimosa Pale thought a normal mixer was the source of the Internet,

A couple of people made some room decor suggestions such as plants and hammocks, as well as some 'geist'
whilst others still made suggestions that encompassed more agressive political tones, including anti-establishment grafitti and Travis Bickle-esque 'cross the line if you dare' statements

Practical suggestions concerning sound insulation were made by a mother and son from New York

and the poor tanzfläche which is already in the process of falling apart was cordonned off

Some more images that depict the room's developments here:

An interesting character walked into the room at one point and had the following conversation with me:
"Was ist das hier?"
"Ich baue gerade den Raum auf - wenn du möchtest kannst du auch einen Beitrag oder Vorschlag machen, was in den Raum kommen sollte und wo, und das auf Papier schreiben"
"Ich kann nicht schreiben"
"Oder zeichnen"
"Ich kann nicht zeichnen"
"Oder du sagst es mir und ich schreibe es auf"
"Frauen? Ach so?" (kurz verunsichert)
"Ja - aber keine echten!"
 "Keine echten? Was für welche?"
"Aha, und wo?"
"Da" (zeigt wohin und läuft weg)

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