Tuesday 2 August 2011

Upcoming Workshop: In/visible Economies?

For the upcoming exhibition 'Geissler / Sann - Volatile Smile', a new workshop is in the planning. It will take place between the 18th and 21st of August and there are ten places available! Please register at join @ kombiticket . net

Kombiticket Outreach Program
WORKSHOP – Kunstvermittlung/Art Education NGBK
Discussions, photography, publication
Dates: 18 – 21.08.2011 / 12:00-16:00
For up to 10 participants – please register by 12th August 2011 at join@kombiticket.net
Participation is free of charge
Title: In/visible economies?   /  English

As part of the outreach program for the Geissler & Sann exhibition ‘Volatile Smile’, Kombiticket (run by Catriona Shaw) will be offering a 4-day workshop for a group of up to 10 participants.  The workshop will focus on one of the prominent topics of the exhibition – the financial crisis –contextualized in Berlin.  The most recent global financial crisis hit in 2008, but how and where is it traceable in a city such as Berlin, a city that has been undergoing its own financial crisis for a much longer period. 

On the first day of the workshop we will look at the exhibition and begin some discussions about the economy in Berlin – how is it visible or have we become so used to the aesthetic of a ‘bankrupt’ city that we no longer notice? This will be followed by a photography workshop - there will be different technical insights offered into hi/lo-fi photography by a professional photographer and we will go out and about in the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg to take pictures. On the final day of the workshop we will get together with a graphic designer to see how a simple publication using the photos that we have taken can be produced – and make one!

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