Sunday, 21 August 2011

In/visible Economies?

The last 3 days saw the workshop 'In/Visible Economies?', part of the Kombiticket program for the exhibition 'Volatile Smile - Ein uneinschätzbares Lachen' by Geissler und Sann, (curated by RealismusStudio AG) at the NGBK. 5 participants got together with Catriona Shaw (Kombiticket) to take part in an intensive process that involved discussions in the exhibition space, a photography workshop/critical feedback with photographer Anne Kathrin Greiner, field work in the immediate vicinity of the NGBK and finally the production of a publication with graphics and layout professional Viola Thiele.
The publication will be sent to print and will be available in the coming weeks! In the meantime, here are some images from the workshop:

Maria, Snax, Yvonne, Annabel and Mezli get to grips with the financial crisis in Berlin...

 Day one: workshop with Anne Kathrin Greiner. We looked at photos that have depicted different financial crises since the great depression as well as discussing different technical tricks and compositional/format/lighting issues in photography

 After field work we would meet up again in the NGBK and discuss the results. Here Kathrin speaks to Mezli about her portraits of Berliners affected or unaffected by the current global financial crisis

Snax presents his photo of a slightly decrepit shopfront in Kreuzberg and explains his choice to the group

Some camera show and tell

On the final day of the workshop Viola Thiele came by to help us put our photos into a format ready to be sent off to the printers - this was the moment of tough decisions, adding or subtracting text, choosing and rejecting photos. Now we are eagerly awaiting the results!

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