Tuesday 5 July 2011

Another World in Sound and Light

At the beginning of June a workshop called 'Another World in Sound and Light' ran parallel to the exhibition 'Other Possible Worlds - Proposals on this Side of Utopia'. The workshop participants worked together in a group over two days to develop a soundtrack and animation depicting 'another possible world' stemming from their observations of the exhibition and answering the following questions:

What would I change (about my current world)?
What would I keep?
What do I desire?
How do I acheive it?
Would another world be good for everybody or only me?
What is my utopia?
What is my dystopia?
What role would the 'future' play in my other world?
What role would the 'past' play?
How would it sound?
How would it look?
How long would it last?

In the activity lab, which was a caravan-tent attached to the outside of the NGBK in the yard, we worked during the days (Whitsun holidays) and created a 6-minute experimental soundtrack using a combination of  found sounds, sampled sounds from the exhibition, voice and instrumentation. The following day we worked with Andreas Dzialocha from Tagtool on a live animation to accompany the soundtrack. This was filmed and is in the process of being edited - to be seen here soon!

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