Monday 27 September 2010

Kombicar - Searching for Dieter

So the search for Dieter is over - after 1 hour spent searching for him on Saturday in the Kombicar with the help of undercover agents, confused tour-guides and co-ordinating detectives, we came up fruitless... Aparently he had been seen in Mauerpark but couldn't be localised.  The next hour we spent lamenting and celebrating the memory of the hunt in song-form with our passengers, a winding choreography of haunting music saying goodbye to Dieter and Berlin (for the moment at least). Roses were strewn, love hearts distributed, the atmosphere was heady, the hunt was over.

Searching for Dieter (from the artists Isa Andreu and Timothy Moore) is still to be seen as a wall mural until the 10th October in the NGBK as part of the exhibition 'Transient Spaces'. Isa Andreu is also supported by Fonds BKVB.

The next Kombicar event is planned to take place in late October/early November.

    Dieter's memory lives on!

   Artist Isa Andreu prepares the back of the car as Eva, the effervescent tour guide, prepares her umbrella    for the search-unfriendly weather outside 

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